As a Web Developer I focus on HTML, CSS and Javascript as it specifically pertains to the UI of apps and sites.

In my over 10 years as a web developer I mostly positioned myself as a generalist, remember the term Webdesigner?

In recent years I learned much more general programming techniques and patterns, and how javascript works under the hood. After much hesitation I jumped also on the React (and co.) hypetrain and haven't regreted it since. It opens much more possibilities in shorter time.

Beyond tellerand

At my last job I got introduced to web server administration and CD/CI on the side. This sparked an interest to setup my own server with a droplet on digitalocean. It has been certainly a time consuming endevour, though also satisfying and not as hard as espected.

So I managed to setup up an Ubuntu Machine with nginx, node, docker, ufw and even webhook listeners which trigger redeploy scripts.

Graphic design

Always interested in graphic design, I also developed skills in device agnostic UI design and implementation of these designs in web products (see: for example projects).

What I think about the modern web

The modern web is a often bloated and over-engineered. Build tools becomming better, but they can be a barrier for getting work done.

I try to stay updated on trends but never to be trapped by them.

Outside of work

To mitigate sitting in front of the screen for endless hours, I like going for a run at Berlin's famous closed down airport Tempelhofer Feld or shoot some hoops at the many open courts around the city.

Out of my passionate hate for cars in dense populated cities, I love joining Critial Mass events on a regular basis to hinder unsustainable private transport and increase attention for cyclists.

Contact me

Thanks for your interest in me, you made it to the end, very nice.

What to do next? You can follow me on twitter (@scsskid) or mastodon (, or drop me an email.