I’m Benedikt Gregor, a Web Developer from Berlin. You can read more about me or look at my articles, which are rather quick notes or links than blog posts.

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You should visit my old portfolio site if you are interested to see sites I built, when I was freelancing.


  1. 1m

    Page Attachments in Eleventy

  2. 1m

    Curb your Netlify's Cache Control

  3. 1m

    Improve *.local DNS Lookup Time On Mac

  4. 1m

    My Javascript Playground Boilerplate

  5. 1m

    PHP 7.4 money_format() To NumberFormatter Class

  6. 1m

    The Joy Of postCSS

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On the Subject of Me

I’m a web developer based in Berlin, currently focused on Javascript development and static sites.

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